Leatherwolf Street Ready


Catalog: MOCCD-14179
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1989
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 0600753952955

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Street Ready’ is Leatherwolf‘s third, final, and strongest album. The way they combine their three guitars, the Triple Axe Attack, and keyboards sets them apart from other bands. Geoff Gayer and Carey Howe handled the leads while singer Michael Olivieri played the rhythm guitar. Traditional metal guitar harmonies and thrashing chords blend on the opener “Wicked Ways.” “Thunder” stands out with its pulsating rhythm during the verses, driving bass line, and epic chanted chorus and should be talked about in the same breath with classic metal songs like “Mr. Crowley.” “Black Knight” is one of the best heavy metal instrumentals ever. Every one of the 10 songs on ‘Street Ready’ is a gem.

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1. Wicked Ways
2. Street Ready
3. Hideaway
4. Take A Chance
5. Black Knight
6. Thunder
7. The Way I Feel
8. Too Much
9. Lonely Road
10. Spirits In The Wind

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