Metal Church The Dark


Catalog: MOCCD-14045
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1986
Genre: Heavy Metal
Barcode: 8718627232958

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Los Angeles’ Metal Church stand as one of the most innovated and unfortunately, one of the underappreciated heavy metal bands of the 1980’s. And ‘The Dark’, their second album, is without any doubt, the masterpiece of their hard-driven air-guitar assault. Every track on this album, from the “Ton Of Bricks” attacking your ears at the beginning, to the incredible lament of “Watch The Children Pray” halfway through, right to the equally melodic and pounding “Burial At Sea” and “Western Alliance” at the end, is a classic. David Wayne‘s vocals did a great job on ‘The Dark’, giving the album a no-nonsense metal consistency and quality.

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  1. Ton Of Bricks
  2. Start The Fire
  3. Method To Your Madness
  4. Watch The Children Play
  5. Over My Dead Body
  6. The Dark
  7. Psycho
  8. Line Of Death
  9. Burial At Sea
  10. Western Alliance

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