The Wallflowers
Rebel, Sweetheart


Catalog: MOCCD13666
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2005
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 0600753805961

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‘Rebel, Sweetheart’ is a brilliant, introspective, well-produced rock album. Producer Brendan O’Brien (who has worked with everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Stone Temple Pilots, etc.) really worked his magic here. Although their previous albums were great, ‘Rebel Sweetheart’ offers a deeper and more poetic side of Jakob Dylan. These are not mindless lyrics with throw-away guitar riffs. But for the contemplative listener, it might just be the best music out there. The two singles released from this album were “The Beautiful Side Of Somewhere” and “God Says Nothing Back.” It’s crazy this album wasn’t a commercial success at its release in 2005 but that’s okay, because underrated albums often last a lifetime.

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1. Days Of Wonder
2. The Passenger
3. Beautiful Side Of Somewhere
4. Here He Comes (Confessions Of A Drunken Marionette)
5. We’re Already There
6. God Says Nothing Back
7. Back To California
8. I Am A Building
9. From The Bottom Of My Heart
10. Nearly Beloved
11. How Far You’ve Come
12. All Things New Again


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Rebel, Sweetheart

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