Apollo Four Forty Electro Glide In Blue


Catalog: MOCCD13747
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1997
Genre: Dance
Barcode: 8718627228944

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This is a great album from the under-rated and reasonably unknown Apollo Four Forty. This album has a great selection of music. “Stealth Mass In F#m” is very mellow, starting out with a soft beat and slowly introduces a female vocal that gives the whole thing a very spy-movie/infiltration type feel. “Krupa” was apparently named after drummer Gene Krupa and features a fairly steady drum beat and tempo. Finally, the eponymous “Electro Glide In Blue” is an amazing epic with a huge amount of feeling in the vocals and is over 8 minutes of genius. Whether you want to relax, get energized or anything in between, ‘Electro Guide In Blue’ is a must have.

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1. Stealth Overture
2. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Dub
3. Altamont Super Highway Revisited
4. Electro Glide In Blue
5. Vanishing Point
6. Tears Of The Gods
7. Carrera Rapida
8. Krupa
9. White Man’s Throat
10. Pain In Any Language
11. Stealth Mass In F#m
12. Raw Power

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