Gerry Rafferty & Stealers Wheel Collected


Catalog: MOCCD-14030
Format: 3 CD
Original release: 2011
Genre: Pop
Barcode: 0600753327944

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Stealers Wheel was a successful Scottish folk rock band, which had a gigantic hit in 1973 with “Stuck in the Middle with You”.  One of the main figures in the band was Gerry Rafferty, known for his solo hits “Baker Street”, “Right Down the Line” and “Night Owl”. These songs, fan favorites and more gems can be found on the Collected Series.

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CD 1

  1. Late again
  2. Stuck in the middle with you
  3. Everything will turn out fine
  4. Star
  5. Found my way to you
  6. Go as you please
  7. Right or wrong
  8. The ark
  9. Baker Street
  10. Right down the line
  11. City to city
  12. Stealin’ time
  13. Whatever’s written in your heart
  14. Night owl
  15. Get it right next time
  16. Bring it all home
  17. The garden of England

CD 2

  1. Sleepwalking
  2. As wise as a serpent
  3. The way it always starts
  4. Hearts run dry
  5. A dangerous age
  6. On a night like this
  7. Moonlight and gold
  8. Shipyard town
  9. Tired of talking
  10. Love and affection
  11. Don’t give up on me
  12. Time’s caught up on you
  13. The girl’s got no confidence
  14. Over my head
  15. Down and out
  16. A new beginning

CD 3

  1. Her father didn’t like me anyway
  2. Rick rack
  3. Look over the hills and far away
  4. Please sing a song for us
  5. Shoe shine boy
  6. Steamboat row
  7. Mary Skeffington
  8. Can I have my money back?
  9. Didn’t I?
  10. New street blues
  11. Don’t count me out
  12. To each and everyone
  13. One drink down
  14. Johnny’s song
  15. You put something better inside me
  16. Gets so lonely
  17. Next to me
  18. Blind faith
  19. Who cares
  20. Good businessman
  21. Benediction

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