Jobriath Jobriath


Catalog: MOCCD-14202
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1973
Genre: Pop
Barcode: 8718627234082

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Jerry Brandt, legendary manager of Carly Simon, found the star he was waiting for. In 1972 Bruce Wayne Campbell a.k.a. Jobriath’s face was plastered across full page ads in Vogue, Penthouse, and Rolling Stone and put on posters on hundreds New York City buses. This was America’s first openly gay rock star. Brandt convinced Elektra Records to book Jobriath at the Olympic Studios, the famed recording studio favored by bands like The Rolling Stones. It was within these soundproofed walled that a 55-piece orchestra accompanied Jobriath on a glam rock journey through the eleven tracks that made up his self-titled debut album. Despite the aggressively sexual S&M ballad “Take Me I’m Yours” and the swaggering bravado of “I’m A Man,” reviews were warm and encouraging. He is still admired and praised and an inspiration for fans like Morrissey, Visage and Elton John.

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1. Take Me I’m Yours
2. Be Still
3. World Without End
4. Space Clown
5. Earthling
6. Movie Queen
7. I’m A Man
8. Inside
9. Morning Star Ship
10. Rock Of Ages
11. Blow Away

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