Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers


Catalog: MOCCD-14162
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1976
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627233887

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The first of four Jonathan Richman albums was simply called The Modern Lovers and it was released in 1976 around the time that the whole punk thing started happening. Recorded in 1976, this is the first album put out by what you might call the born-again Jonathan. He’s a singer-songwriter with a style all his own, and a slant on life that’s bewitchingly odd. This well-crafted pop album sounds like it was recorded in a garage in the middle of a party. The lead-off track “Rockin’ Shopping’ Center”, may be Jonathan’s best rock ‘n’ roll song ever. There are also such gems as “Hey There Little Insect” and “Here Come The Martian Martians”. Like most of his recordings, humor is never far from the surface. This album includes four bonus tracks including a version of the Modern Lovers landmark “Roadrunner”.

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1. Rockin’ Shopping Center
2. Back In The Usa
3. Important In Your Life
4. New England
5. Loneley Financial Zone
6. Hi Dear
7. Abominable Snowman In The Market
8. Hey There Little Insect
9. Here Comes The Martians Martians
10. Springtime
11. Amazing Grace
12. I Will Stand
13. Government Center
14. The New Teller
15. Roadrunner (Once)

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