John Waite When You Were Mine


Catalog: MOCCD-13906
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1997
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 0600753886137

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Former Babys and Bad English frontman John Waite wrote his sixth album from many different backgrounds. From the harsh and strong “Suicide Life” to the upbeat country twanging of “I-95”, Waite can turn his hand to anything. Be warned, many of the songs are like new shoes, they need walk-in gently and with care, rewarded are who persevere with an original rendition of Dylan‘s “Just Like A Woman” and then onto the more lyrical, acoustical tracks of “Bluebird Café” about a waitress who’s going be a star one day, “Valentine” and “I-95”, a fast paced tune about starting over and how great it is to be alive! “When You Were Mine”, the title track, is a trip down memory lane with your old flame, and what a fun trip it is!!

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1. When You Were Mine
2. Imaginary Girl
3. Let’s Go Out Of Here
4. Suicide Life
5. Just Like A Woman
6. Bluebird Cafe
7. I-95
8. Show Me How To Love You
9. Valentine
10. Have You Seen Her My Friend?
11. All I Want For Christmas

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