Les Dudek
Say No More


Catalog: MOCCD13712
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1977
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627228593

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Southern Rocker Les Dudek built quite a reputation around the Florida area as a proficient guitar player in local bands as a teenager. That reputation would place him in the studio with the Allman Brothers Band for the recording of the ‘Brothers & Sisters’ album. He played guitar harmonies with Dickey Betts on the well-known song “Ramblin’ Man” and acoustic guitar on “Jessica”. After playing as a session guitarist with Stevie Nicks and Bozz Scaggs he released four solo albums. On this second solo album the blues and Jimi Hendrix influence are there, with adventurous fusion tunes like “One To Beam Up”, “Zorro Rides Again” and the classic rocker “Old Judge Jones”.

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1. Jailabamboozle
2. Lady You’re Nasty
3. One To Beam Up
4. Avatar
5. Old Judge Jones
6. Baby Sweet Baby
7. What’s It Gonna Be
8. Zorro Rides Again
9. I Remember


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Say No More

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