Mucky Pup Lemonade


Catalog: MOCCD-14091
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2007
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627233306

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Mucky Pup were an American fun-punk hardcore and crossover thrash band formed in Bergenfield, New Jersey, United States. Their breakthrough moment occurred when they won second place in a Bloom County comic strip contest. In 1988 the band was offered a record contract and they signed their first record deal with Torrid and in Europe with Roadracer Records with the release of ‘Can’t You Take A Joke?’ followed in 1989 with ‘A Boy In A Man’s World’. In 1993 Mucky Pup took a turn away from humorous pop songs to focus on more aggressive, emotional and angry songs. ‘Lemonade’ shows Mucky Pup different from their original style with a heavier edge produced by Ludichrist and Scatterbrain guitarist Glen Cummings.

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1. Own Up For What You Say
2. Junkie Eyes
3. Three Sides
4. Beautiful People
5. Mountain Song
6. The T.V.’s On Fire
7. Déjà vu
8. Two Little Men
9. If Wishes Were Fishes
10. Confessions
11. Mountain Song 2
12. Darkwave Sleeps

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