Primus Miscellaneous Debris


Catalog: MOCCD 13206
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1992
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 600753573921

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Primus produced this EP in March of 1992, some say their best release up to that time. Primus finally sounds like a band again on this album, instead of jamming and experimenting musicians. Starting off with Intruder (written by Peter Gabriel) as a first track, sets the mood for this extremely short ( 20 mins) EP. Continuing on to the second cover XTC’s Making plans for Nigel, perhaps not being the best track of this EP nor cover, nevertheless Sinister Exaggerator ( The Residents cover) and Tippie-Toes (Meters cover) make that up multifold. Closing with Roger Water’s cover Have a Cigar is simply Primus as their best. Footnote for the fans: Miscellaneous Debris features Les Claypool’s 6 string Carl Thompson bass for the first time, a very welcome addition to the tracks.

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1 Intruder2 Making Plans For Nigel3 Sinister Exaggerator4 Tippi Toes5 Have A Cigar