Santana Freedom


Catalog: MOCCD 13069
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1987
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627220689

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The centerpiece of Freedom, Santana‘s fifteenth album, is “Songs of Freedom,” one of the most petulant songs in rock history. Carlos Santana’s ill humor is unfortunate, because his six-string work on Freedom is his best in years. On “Veracruz,” he rams riffs down the throat of the song and violently nourishes it. Carlos could always be counted on for half a dozen soulful solos on all but his most desultory albums, but his terse flames burn deep holes in every tune here. Santana can certainly find a less overwrought singer than Miles, and the unfocused animus behind “Songs of Freedom” is despicable, but when Santana lets only his guitar do the talking, he remains a compelling voice.

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1 Veracruz2 She Can’t Let Go3 Once It’s Gotcha4 Love Is You5 Songs Of Freedom6 Deeper, Dig Deeper7 Praise8 Mandela9 Before We Go10 Victim Of Circumstance

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