Silverchair Frogstomp


Catalog: MOCCD-13939
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1995
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627231487

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Silverchair is a three-man band that took the world by storm after Nirvana lost its lead singer, and Pearl Jam started giving political opinions. ‘Frogstomp’ is the debut album for three Australian teenagers from then only 15 years old. If you like guitar distortion and barely intelligible lyrics then this album exactly suits the description. Great musicianship and vocals from Daniel Johns and co. To have so much talent in three guys and make an album like this at such a young age is something really special and extraordinary. Even the cover art, plain white with a green frog on it somehow fits. But what ‘Frogstomp’ truly stands for is a solid foundation that built an incredible band.

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1. Israel’s Son
2. Tomorrow
3. Faultline
4. Pure Massacre
5. Shade
6. Leave Me Out
7. Suicidal Dream
8. Madman
9. Undecided
10. Cicada
11. Findaway

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