Steve Vai Ultra Zone


Catalog: MOCCD-14119
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1999
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627233498

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When listening to his compositions it’s easy to appreciate the influence of his years of stewardship with Frank Zappa, Vai’s mentor. With the 1999 ‘Ultra Zone’ Vai released a broad-reaching effort that ranges from the eccentric “Lucky Charms” to the devastatingly heavy “Oooo…,” from the serenity of “Windows To The Soul” to the raucous Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute “Jibboom.” The entire album is a truly progressive rock experience and has an amazing flow from one song to the next. There’s plenty of Steve‘s lightning fast playing and some really good R&B theme-age. Standout tracks are ‘Frank,’ ‘Windows To The Soul,’ ‘The Silent Within,’ and ‘Lucky Charms’, the most Zappa-inspired piece on the album.

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1. The Blood & Tears
2. The Ultra Zone
3. Oooo…
4. Frank
5. Jibboom
6. Voodoo Acid
7. Windows To The Soul
8. The Silent Within
9. I’ll Be Around
10. Lucky Charms
11. Fever Dream
12. Here I Am
13. Asian Sky

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