Steve Vai Alien Love Secrets


Catalog: MOCCD-14205
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1995
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627234105

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As with any Steve Vai music, you come to expect excellent guitar work, and the songs on ‘Alien Love Secrets,’ all instrumentals, do just that. Opener “Bad Horsie” was derived from a riff played by Vai during the final scene of the 1986 film “Crossroads”. “Juice” is guitar mania, fast rhythms and burning guitar solos scream throughout this song, giving it a near frenzied, but controlled energy. “Die To Live” is guitar heaven and on “Boy From Seattle” it’s likely that Vai makes a bow to his colleague Jimi Hendrix. Like the previous song “Ya-Yo Gakk” is flavored with a bluesy texture. As always there are some aggressive Zappa like tunes like in “Kill The Guy With The Ball.” And as last “Tender Surrender” demonstrates how expressive a guitar can be, from the jazzy, soulful and bluesy octaves.

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1. Bad Horsie
2. Juice
3. Die To Live
4. The Boy From Seattle
5. Ya-Yo Gakk
6. Kill The Guy With The Ball
7. Tender Surrender

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