Steve Vai Real Illusions: Reflections


Catalog: MOCCD-14129
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 2005
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627233504

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‘Real Illusions’ is Steve Vai’s seventh studio album. This is the first part of Vai‘s future concept album, the story is about a town visited by Pamposh were he constructed a church, which most of the story is included in the last song, “Under It All”. Blistering, melodic instrumentals paired with emotional ‘songs’ make this album something truly unique in the Vai catalogue. What is interesting is that about four songs have vocals. Steve’s vocals! And even though singing isn’t his forte, he’s doing a quite decent job. This is the album where everything feels real, honest and sincere. Sharp contrasts between fast, fun songs and dark, brooding songs, makes this an excellent listen on this album. This is Mr. Vai at one of his finest moments.

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1. Building The Church
2. Dying For Your Love
3. Glorius
4. K’m-Pee-Du-Wee
5. Firewall
6. Freak Show Excess
7. Lotus Feet
8. Yai Yai
9. Midway Creatures
10. I’m Your Secrets
11. Under It All

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