The Edgar Winter Group They Only Come Out At Night


Catalog: MOCCD-13953
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1972
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627231609

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Edgar Winter is the younger brother of blues singer Johnny Winter and an accomplished musician and songwriter in his own right. “They Only Come Out At Night” was released in 1972 and features the The McCoys founding members Rick Derringer and Randy Jo Hobbs. The album’s tracks goes from the hard guitar-driven rock of “Frankenstein”, “Free Ride”, and “Undercover Man” to the pop-sounding “Alta Mira” to the steel guitars played by Derringer and the almost country sound of “Round & Round.” Every song here is such a joy to listen to. But then, how could they have missed? Besides the talented Winter you have guitarist Ronnie Montrose and Dan Hartman (“Relight My Fire” and “Instant Replay”) as part of the group.

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1. Hangin’ Around
2. When It Comes
3. Alta Mira
4. Free Ride
5. Undercover Man
6. Round & Round
7. Rock ‘N’ Roll Boogie Woogie Blues
8. Autumn
9. We All Had A Real Good Time
10. Frankenstein

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