Danny Gatton 88 Elmira St.


Catalog: MOCCD-14152
Format: 1 CD
Original release: 1991
Genre: Rock
Barcode: 8718627233801

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Danny Gatton ranks with rock & roll’s all-time tragic guitar heroes. One of the eighties greatest guitarists, and unquestionably one of the most eclectic and versatile axe-men ever! He committed suicide in 1994 without achieving the kind of fame his talent should have provided. Most of the tracks here are originals, the exceptions being a John Martyn cover, Charlie Patton’s “Funky Mama,” “The Simpsons Theme,” and a heart-wrenching cover of the Beach Boys’ “In My Room”. Other beauties to mention are “Blues Newburg”, a fine blues named after his hometown, a really great “Quiet Village”, and even some humor with the “Simpsons” theme. “88 Elmira Street” would appeal to all fans of superb playing, and especially rockabilly and Brian Setzer fans.

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1. Funky Mama
2. Elmira St. Boogie
3. Blues Newburgh
4. Quiet Village
5. Red Label
6. In My Rooms
7. The Simpsons
8. Mutha Ship
9. Pretty Blue
10. Fandingus
11. Slidin’ Home

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